Service during the Covid-19 pandemic


We at AGUAS DE MURCIA want to assure all the residents of the towns where we manage the municipal water service that our water supply and sanitation services are backed with the same guarantees and provide the same quality and safety they always have. The treatment processes and drinking water quality control parameters in place ensure health quality and will in no way be affected by the current situation. The company is in contact with the health authorities handling the situation at all times.

  • Business as usual

    AGUAS DE MURCIA has been working in coordination with the city councils to implement preventive measures to protect the health of each and every one of our employees as well as ensure the standard operation of our supply networks. The creation of interdependent operating teams, reinforced hygiene measures, teleworking and ensuring that the necessary materials for continuous supply are available are just some of the initiatives we have carried out.
  • We are still addressing incidents

    Our technicians are as ready as ever to handle any incident or fault in our network, whether it is the drinking water supply or the wastewater network. We remain at your disposal 24 hours a day. Currently there are fewer operators taking calls, so we ask for your patience regarding waiting times or that you contact us via other channels.
  • No interruption to commercial transactions

    Although our customer service offices are closed, we have reinforced our other online channels. You can contact us through any one of them.
  • Avoidance of service suspension

    If you find yourself in one of the vulnerable situations anticipated by the law RD 37/2020, you can contact Emuasa toll free at: 900.700.808 or complete and send the application through the website The application must include:

    • If the water service is in your name, the most recent electricity bill which reflects the amount of the social tariff paid.
    • If you are not the account holder, a certificate which proves your vulnerable situation issued by municipal Social Services or by an entity in the third sector (an NGO collaborating with the public administration). It must be accompanied by: 
      • a) The Spanish identity card of the person concerned and of his or her cohabitants as the case may be.
      • b) A valid individual or joint registration certificate on which the name of the applicant and/or the cohabitants appear.

    In addition, in order to resolve your particular case, we offer you the most advantageous payment option.


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Know that you have our support during this difficult time and that together we will make it through.