Management based on sustainable innovation.

Innovative solutions to meet
the great environmental challenges

Only through a consolidated R&D policy can we offer customers a service that meets the highest quality standards. In 2022, over 40 professionals worked on 30 innovation projects. This involved investment of over € 645.000.

In recent years, Aguas de Murcia has worked closely with a number of organisations to carry out a variety of projects.

  • Government bodies
  • Universities
  • Technology centres
  • Companies

These relations produce synergies and common goals that improve management of our activity.

  • Objectives

    • More sustainable water management.
    • Development and improvement of products and services that ensure sustainability in the water cycle.
    • Search for innovative solutions to major environmental challenges.
  • Strategic lines

    • Circular economy. Implementation and development of operational technologies and practices that are more efficient in the use of resources and reducing environmental impact.
    • Public well-being. Positive impact on the well-being of the public.
    • Water, quality and health. Development and optimisation of processes that ensure quality, health and safety.
    • Resilience and adaptation to climate change. Anticipation of the visible effects of climate change, incorporating new designs and materials into facilities.
  • Noteworthy projects

    • LIFE WARRIOR. Innovative and profitable approach to water reuse in compliance with the new European regulatory framework for agricultural irrigation (Regulation of adaptation to the reuse of water for agriculture).
    • LIFE NIRVANA. Injection of iron nanoparticles in aquifers deteriorated by nitrates due to agricultural activity. Pilot located in Survey of Zarandona (
    • LIFE CONQUER. Project to promote zero waste by the selective treatment of groundwater contaminated with nitrates and salts, for use in irrigation of parks and gardens. Nitrates are kept as fertilizer and salts are eliminated transforming them into sodium hypochlorite which will be used in the different treatment plants (
    • H2020 WQeMS. Provide water service management companies with an Emergency Monitoring of Surface Water Quality service using Copernicus satellite imagines.
    • EARLY ALERT SYSTEM AGAINST AVENUES AND INTEGRAL MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR SEWER MAINTENANCE. Development of various computer applications to offer services focused on the management of drinking water supply, sanitation, evacuation and treatment of wastewater for EMUASA.
    • CONNECTION RENEWAL PILOT THROUGH TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM. Implementation of a trenchless technology that allows the replacement of old lead and polyethylene pipes by other pipes of suitable materials in an economical and effective way, reducing the inconvenience caused to citizens.
    • FLUSER PILOT PLANT. Experimental pilot plant whose objective is to reproduce, with the greatest degree of similarity possible and in a versatile way, the characteristics of the Murcia Este treatment plant used in R+D+i projects, where new reagents and process combinations are tested, etc.
    • PILOT PLANT DWTP CONTRAPARADA. Pilot plant at the scale of the industrial plant where all the treatment processes of the La Contraparada DWTP are included, which allows experimenting with new reagents and stages aimed at improving the process while eliminating risks.
    • BIVITOX. Toxicity Surveillance System in the catchment of the DWTP La Contraparada, consisting of a computer tool for monitoring the behavior of Percasol, a fish, which allows the detection of contaminants.