Understanding your bill

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Entiende tu factura

Your bill, step by step

Your bill includes all the services in the complete water cycle, from catchment to the moment it reaches the home and the journey from when it disappears down the plug hole to its return, once treated, to the natural environment.

The total amount does not just include water, but also taxes such as the municipal refuse tariff and the water treatment levy.

The bill lets you see how you use water and is extremely useful for adopting sustainable consumption habits.


  • The Aguas de Murcia bill is issued every two months or monthly for large consumers.
  • It consists of a fixed service fee and a variable amount for consumption.
  • It includes all the costs of the urban water cycle.
  • It contains other unrelated fees: the refuse collection fee (Murcial City Council )and wastewater treatment Water treatment levy (ESAMUR) of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia.
  • In all homes we make this simple gesture several times a day, but do you know how much you pay for the water you consume? All the answers are on your bill. You can receive your invoice by post, by email, or you can get it at our office in Plaza Circular. It seems like too much information, but you will see how it is organized so that you can easily find what interests you most. This is your bill. Let’s get started. The first thing is to make sure it is yours. Here you can find the information related to your contract and your billing. Check that all the data is correct. First, you will find the contract number, which is necessary when corresponding with Aguas de Murcia. You will also find the billing period corresponding to your consumption. In the next section the details of your bill are broken down, but with all this information do you really know how much water you have consumed? It is very easy: the total consumption for this period is the difference between the current meter reading and the previous one. And you want to know how much you pay for that water. What you pay on your Aguas de Murcia bill is not only water, but other items, such as sewerage, meter maintenance, a garbage tax, the sanitation levy, and VAT. For example, in a home like yours with three people and an average consumption of 18 cubic metres every two months, each person pays 23 cents a day for water. If we add the rest of the items on the invoice: meter maintenance, sewerage, garbage, the sanitation fee, and VAT, the cost per person and per day is 47 cents (the cost of water for one person per month is equivalent to the price of a movie ticket). In addition, on the invoice you can find other information of interest to you. Let’s have a look: if we have something important to tell you, we will indicate it here in a message. You can also check the evolution of your consumption. And you will find a space about the services of Aguas de Murcia, links of interest to our website, news, etc. Payment information is at the bottom. If the bill is paid by direct debit, you will only see your incomplete account number for security reasons. If it is not by direct debit, you will see the barcode for payment at collaborating entities. Of course, if you have any questions or need to manage something, you have all our contact information. At Aguas de Murcia we are continuing to work for you. That is why we are water and much more.