Management systems and certificates


Committed to sustainable

Aguas de Murcia’s activities are directly related to people’s quality of life. Our decisions are founded on:

  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Dialogue
  • Sustainable development


Our Integrated Management Policy  is based on the three pillars of sustainable development: socialenvironmental and efficiency-based.

We have obtained certificates aligned to our efforts in providing a quality service and creating a safe, optimum working environment for our employees and we have a Guide to Good Environmental Practices available to our users.

  • Quality   

    Our Quality Management System adds value to the organisation and provides a framework for setting goals in the following areas within its business scope:

    • Drinking water treatment.
    • The supply of drinking water and management of associated services.
    • Sewer system and wastewater treatment management.
    • The urban irrigation network.

    The Quality Management System is certified standard ISO 9001:2015. The first certification dates from 1996.

  • Environment

    Our Environmental Management System adds value to the organisation and provides a framework for setting environmental goals in the following areas within its business scope:

    • Drinking water treatment.
    • The supply of drinking water and management of associated services.
    • Sewer system and wastewater treatment management.

    The Environmental Management System is certified to standard ISO 14001:2015. The first certification dates from 1998.

  • Food safety Water safety

    In 2012, our food safety system was certified, thereby anticipating application of the water safety plans. Safety under standard ISO 22000:2018.

    ISO 22000 is the international reference standard that certifies the implementation of a water safety plan (WSP).

    This certification covers the purchase, catchment, transport, treatment and distribution of drinking water in Murcia and the maintenance service for all associated water infrastructures.

  • Energy efficiency

    As a company committed to the environment, our environmental management was given a boost in 2015 with certification of our Energy Management System to standard ISO 50001: 2018.

    This certification demonstrates our commitment to reducing energy use, producing green energy and reducing fossil fuel use by investing in more sustainable vehicles.

    Certification covers the drinking water supply, associated management services and management of the sewer system.

  • Business Continuity

    At the beginning of 2020 Aguas de Murcia certified a Business Continuity Management System in accordance with ISO 22301.

    With this certification we are demonstrating the Commitment that our Organization has always had to the Continuity of Public Service that we provide and our commitment to all of the society of Murcia.

    The scope of the certificate extends to the purification of water and the different Control Centres available at Aguas de Murcia.

  • Occupational health and safety

    Occupational health and safety is one of the main concerns in the management of Aguas de Murcia. In our organisation we do not permit the health of our employees, outsourced workers or others to be harmed as a result of our activity. These values are reflected in the 5 pilallars of its Occupational Health and Safety policy, which states:

    • Involve the management line.

    • Improve the management of health and safety risks.
    • Improve communication and dialogue. 
    • Train and involve all collaborators.
    • Monitor and control the efficiency of prevention, health and safety. 


    Aguas de Murcia implements an Occupational Health and Safety Management System, certified since 2017 to Standard ISO 45001:2018, which ensures continuous improvement in applying measures and developing activities to prevent risks in employees’ work and to comply with current regulations.

    This helps create a suitable working atmosphere with fair working conditions, where employees can carry out their work with dignity and participate in improving health and safety conditions.

    One of the most important goals is to apply "Our Ruoles that Save Lives", which aim to prevent fatal accidents. Our efforts are intended to instil these simple rules into the daily work of everyone involved in company processes (workers, middle and senior management, contractors and service companies, among others).

  • Carbon footprint

    We have verified our Carbon Footprint in accordance with ISO 14064 since 2013. Being one of the first companies to voluntarily register the Calculation of Greenhouse Effect Gases in the National Carbon Footprint Registry (R.D. 163/2014).

    Aguas de Murcia receives these distinctions from the Ministry in recognition of the work on the Calculation, Reduction and Compensation of Carbon Footprints for the 2014-2021 period.

  • Water footprint

    In 2017 Aguas de Murcia calculated both its own water footprint and that of the whole organisation, both of which verified as complying with the Water Footprint Network and ISO 14046:2014, respectively.

    It should not be forgotten that water is a scarce resource and that climate change has increased its scarcity, making it a key element in sustainable development and its proper management increasingly important.

    Aguas de Murcia, the first company in the water sector to calculate and verify its water footprint in the complete water cycle.

  • Biodiversity

    The Biodiversity Policy guarantees the protection and promotion of biodiversity by integrating it into the strategy of the organization. AGUAS DE MURCIA, through a series of commitments with the local community, is starting up and developing a list of actions, which support citizen welfare, the protection of the environment, and the fight against climate change. It is worth emphasizing in this regard the agreement signed with ANSE.
  • Sustainable Development

    Sustainable Development forms a part of the management model and contributes to generating value shared by all the support groups including future generations. It integrates into the decision-making process financial, environmental social and ethical variables, which go beyond that established as the minimal legal requirements. This policy reflects the modus operandi characteristic of Aguas de Mucia.
  • Equity

    The Equity Policy of Aguas de Murcia is a reflection of the firm commitment of the Management, establishing the necessary mechanisms for the detection of inequalities, implementing procedures that contribute to continuous improvement in equal treatment and opportunities between men and women, and acting Responsibly in the management of Diversity with integration measures of integration for people at risk of social or work-related exclusion.
  • Management System for an Organization Committed to the Elderly

    In 2023, Aguas de Murcia begins the implementation of a new management system, "Management System for an Organization Committed to the Elderly". This system is aimed at providing quality product and customer service based on excellence, proximity, accessibility, communication, responsibility, and innovation.

    The implementation of this management system is the result of an internal reflection that is linked to Contigo, a program started in 2022, whose goal is to take a step further in customer experience by changing the service model. This new model emphasizes being customer-centered, digital relationships, always accessible, and commitment to vulnerability.

    This project is considered as another phase in the journey towards business excellence. It represents a more social commitment focused on continuous improvement for the benefit of more vulnerable customers. Additionally, it signifies the commitment to the organizations that Aguas de Murcia engages with and society as a whole