Welcome to Aguas de Murcia, Murcia's municipal water and sewer system company, which manages the complete water cycle for the whole town.

We are a mixed company, founded in 1989, with a 51% shareholding owned by (Murcia City Council) and the remaining 49% owned by Hidrogea . 

Efficient resource management in a situation of structural drought is a daily challenge for Aguas de Murcia’s professionals. Continuity and quality of service, thus contributing to improving people’s lives, in constant balance with the environment.

Supplying over 400,000 inhabitants in an area of more than 890 km2, we maintain our passion for water and sustainability, putting the best technologies at the service of Murcia and its residents.

We have internalised our commitment to public service, and work to create a friendlier city, with a deep social commitment, facilitating access to water for everyone, and always in close collaboration with our city council.

Because we know the value of water, at Aguas de Murcia we are water...and much more!