Construction and projects


Supply, sewer system and water management

Planning and works

Analysing, studying and executing the supply, sewer system (waste and rainwater) and urban irrigation network infrastructure requirements in the town is one of the key tasks carried out by Aguas de Murcia.

Action Plan 2018-2020

A total investment of over 17 million euros, in which:

  • 81,3 % is earmarked for surrounding towns and suburbs
  • 18,7% is earmarked for Murcia city centre

The largest expense will go towards improvements and extensions to the sewer system and rainwater network, with an investment of 8.4 million euros.

  • Key actions

    • Renovation of the supply, sewer and urban irrigation networks under Gran Vía Alfonso X in Murcia.
    • Improvement to urban drainage in the Avenida Juan XXIII zone in Cabezo de Torres.
    • Improvement to urban drainage in Calle del Carmen in Era Alta.