Construction and projects


Supply, sewer system and water management

Planning, Projects and Works

Aguas de Murcia, in addition to the management of the Water Supply and Sanitation Service, as the driving company of the Circular Economy Strategy of the Municipality of Murcia, is entrusted with the fundamental task of analysing and studying the needs of the supply, sewer system (waste and rainwater) and urban irrigation network of the municipality, as well as their execution.

The planning document in which the actions, projects and works to meet the challenges in water matters are specified and programmed is the Aguas de Murcia ACTION PLAN.

Action Plan 2022-2023

A total investment of over 11 million euros, in which:

  • more than 50 % (6.1 million euros) is earmarked for surrounding towns and suburbs

Investments in works corresponding to renovations and extensions to the sewer system and rainwater network are valued at 4.6 million euros, which represents more than 40 % of the Plan.


The actions have been defined in line with the Circular Economy Strategy of the Municipality of Murcia and the objectives of the Aguas de Murcia Strategic Plan for the Comprehensive Management of the Water Cycle, responding to the challenge of adaptation to climate change and sustainability, thinking in "Converting Murcia into a circular and sustainable municipality", with the following scheme:



  • Actions to highlight according to the main Strategic Lines

    • Efficient management of the water resource and guarantee of drinking water supply to the population, through the "Structural improvement of the drinking water tank of La Paloma in El Palmar" that will allow its useful life to be extended through the interior rehabilitation of its chambers.
    • Adaptation of the quality of wastewater, in view of the new legal requirements and without limiting the current treatment capacity, through the "New stage of sand filtration in DWTP Contraparada in Javalí Viejo".
    • Sustainable management of urban floods, through actions for the "Improvement of urban drainage in Murcia and districts".
    • Environmental improvement and protection of urban areas by adapting the discharge points in rainy episodes to the legal requirements of R.D. 1290/2012 and the digitization and monitoring of water quality parmeters.
    • Journey towards energy self-sufficiency and green transition with the photovoltaic installation for self-consumption in EMUASA facilities (DWTP, WWTP, Offices, ...).