Water supply management

Distribution network

The Murcia metropolitan area covers 881 km 2, consisting of the city centre and 54 suburbs. These characteristics mean the distribution network is very widespread, measuring over 2.000 km, a distance that continues to grow as new infrastructures are developed in our city.

The network is divided into micro-sectors, and the remote control system, consisting of 537 stations, is used to measure the supply flow, pressure and quality parameters of the water.

Our network is currently one of the most efficient in Spain, with a technical performance index of over 84 %.

How do we control the network?

  • Sectorised network

    Divided into 188 water sectors and controlled by meters that continually measure the volume supplied using our remote control system.

  • Monitoring

    A number of indicators are established for each sector, such as the minimum consumption flow, which is generally measured at night. Every day, the minimum flow is checked to make sure it does not exceed the set limits.

  • Taking action

    When the minimum night-time flow exceeds its limit, teams of operators specialising in leak detection examine the affected area using equipment that locates the fault so it can be repaired.

In 2022, a total of 2.623 km of network was inspected and 1.034 hidden leaks were detected, producing savings of 1.077 m3/h.