Smart metering


Controlling your consumption

At Aguas de Murcia we offer a remote reading service, which will provide you with all the information you need to monitor water consumption using your devices with Internet access, whenever and wherever you are. You can also set alarms to warn you by email of excessive consumption or possible leaks.

  • Aguas de Murcia presents REMOTE READING, a service to CONTROL YOUR WATER CONSUMPTION 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. REMOTE READING is an easy and free system, which allows you to know the Reading of your meter thus avoiding unnecessary water consumption. Know your daily water use, configure alarms that indicate excessive consumption or a leak, and do so through any device with internet access. But how can you access Remote Reading? First, enter the Virtual Office and at the bottom choose whether you are an ‘Individual’, ‘Company’ or ‘Property Administrator’. Then insert your data and you are registered in the Virtual Office. Click on Contracts and the ‘Consumption’ tab will open. The Remote Reading icon will appear. Click on the icon and you are in the Remote Reading application. The first tab is Index/ Consumption where we can see our customer data and daily consumption on the dates we select. The second tab is ‘Additional Info’, which shows the maximum consumption flows or peaks and the minimum consumption flows or troughs with their corresponding graph and on the dates we select. Excessive peak flow can indicate a large leak. A minimum flow rate above zero and maintained over time can indicate a small leak that is going unnoticed. Finally, we have the third tab called ‘Alarms’, which allows us to set notices that will reach us by email for two types of situations: One: by continued consumption for a specified number of days. Two: by maximum consumption. Alarms can be set in litres or cubic metres, and it also allows us to download a history of alarms. Control your water consumption with Remote Reading and enjoy easier, more convenient, and efficient management of your water contract. Aguas de Murcia, Water and much else.