Urban irrigation network


An alternative to the drinking water network

We strive to ensure sustainablewater use

Since 1994, Murcia has had an alternative to the drinking water network for the irrigation of gardens, road cleaning and other ornamental and sports uses.

This network consists of a number of boreholes, elevator facilities, tanks and general pipeline networks to distribute and supply groundwater.

Volume of groundwater use 950.000 m3/year
Nominal extraction flow 176 litres/second
Nominal installed power 205 Kw
Operating boreholes 14
Piezometers 35
Green areas irrigated 56.33 %
  • Objectives

    Groundwater catchment and production to meet the irrigation requirements of green and gardened areas and other uses in Murcia.

    • Ensuring sustainable water use.
    • Maintaining efficient operating conditions in the service facilities by applying preventative and corrective measures.
    • Extending facilities to meet new demand.
    • Modifying and renovating existing facilities to adapt them to new technology.
    • Renovating and adapting facilities to legislative changes.
    • Bringing activities related to the urban irrigation system into the quality system.

Groundwater is regularly tested under the Quality Control Programme, to prevent potential Legionella hotspots, checking that the water characteristics are suitable for its use.