Tap water, quality water


Tap water, quality water

The World Health Organization and the European Union define safe drinking water as water that a person can drink every day for their whole life without any risk to their health.


In setting the quality of tap water, the European Union uses World Health Organization recommendations to determine limits for components in water. These include pathogenic microorganisms and toxins, as well as compounds that are not harmful to health in normal concentrations but which are indicators of the type of water and quality of treatment

The water in Murcia's supply network has a medium saline content. It can be classified as having calcium bicarbonate. Average hardness values are 20-40°fH.

Our water has easily passed health authority controls, thanks to the application of state-of-the-art drinking water treatments and effective, continuous quality control of the water supply.

Tap water quality is the responsibility of:

  • The Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs.
  • The Autonomous Community health authorities.
  • Town councils.
  • The supply companies.
  • Owners of the indoor installations in their property.